Regression Analysis of Differential Methylation

RADMeth: Regression Analysis of Differential Methilation is a software for computing individual differentially methylated sites and genomic regions in data from whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) experiments.

Obtaining RADMeth

RADMeth is now a part of MethPipe. Please see the MethPipe manual for directions on installing and using the newest version of the software.

If you prefer to use the old version, follow the directions below.

The entire RADMeth source-code repository can be cloned with

> git clone --recursive https://github.com/smithlabcode/radmeth.git


Please note that in order to compile RADMeth from source, you need to have GNU Scientific Library (GSL) installed on your machine.

Once GSL is installed on your system, compiling RADMeth is as simple as entering the root folder (radmeth/) and executing make:

> make

Assuming that the compilation is successful, the bin directory of RADMeth now contains all the required binaries.

Using RADMeth

Please see the manual.

The test dataset discussed in the manual can be obtained here.